GreenNet aims to deliver our services impartially, but we strongly disapprove of using .io domain.

Why? Because of the Chagossians, if you didnt know the story then you should.

UK threw them off their Indian Ocean archipelago almost 50 years ago, and has rented it to the US for an air base cum military-industrial holiday camp cum black site, effectively off limits to civilians (unless you happen to be lucky enough to be cruising around the neighbourhood in your yacht, the notorious Diego Garcia.

In addition to regular disappearances of local fishermen, a recent article exposed the dodgy labour practices that UK and US governments facilitate in the off-shore, extra-legal (meaning above the law, not double helpings!) enclave

The story of how the .io domain works has been exposed partially here:

There is a shadowy ownership "arrangement" which lacks transparency on key financial questions. What is clear is that there is no benefit to the Chagossians themselves.

So what can you do?

It seems that Paul, the owner of ICB, who run registration of the domain is an alright bloke - he must be or how could he have been entrusted with one of the "keys to teh internet"? Him and his companies are quite reticent and shy of publicity outside of tech circles. So we can only assume that he's not really aware of how he could be contributing to the continuing ethnic cleansing of these beautiful tropical islands. Perhaps we can help him to work it out and do the right thing. have campaigned successfully to make tech companies (mostly in US) aware of the issue, and some have contributed to help the Chagos islander's campaign

  • You should challenge anyone using .io to contribute to the Chagosians' legal or welfare fund, publicly and show support (and tell us about it in the comments below)
  • We think that you could also dig up more info about how the control of the domain was allocated., who benefits financially, and how to transfer it to the islander. That could be FoI requests to the British government, or following up with ICANN or IGF or other internet governance organisations.
  • If you're feeling creative and like puns, how about doing some crowdfunding using solidarity domain hacks?,

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