11 June, 2024 - 23:48
More Together
GreenNet joined APC staff, members and associates in Chiang Mai last month for the APC Community Gathering, along with 229 of us coming from 46 countries joined 43 events including plenaries, participant-led sessions and regional meetings, 40 lightning talks, presentations, pop-up sessions and project meetings, and several social events, including film screenings, meals and a lively karaoke session.
15 February, 2024 - 23:07
GreenNet supports 7amleh's call for a safe, fair, and a free digital space for all people. https://7amleh.org/2024/02/11/a-coalition-of-international-organizations-demands-that-meta-refrain-from-censoring-criticism-of-zionism-on-its-platforms
21 December, 2023 - 21:39
Dear GreenNet friends, It's time once again for our annual GreenNet winter newsletter. We'd like to thank new and longstanding GreenNet users for your support in 2023 and wish you a very merry festive season. We've been keeping busy this year as usual. In 2023 we welcomed new customers from Netuxo and Wave, and connected thousands of users in various ways - check the revived GreenNet in Numbers report below.
3 February, 2023 - 22:44
GreenNet has launched a mastodon server for our network, we launched and welcomed our first users at the start of 2023. We've already had lots of signups and existing GreenNet customers are welcome to register at https://greennet.social/ According to wikipedia:
10 November, 2022 - 11:59
We at GreenNet add our voices to the urgent calls for Alaa Abd el-Fattah’s freedom. The human rights and digital rights campaigner has been on dry hunger strike in an Egyptian prison since Sunday. The desperate hope was that while the eyes of the world are on Egypt the British delegation to COP27 would secure Alaa's safe release from prison and transport to Britain, where he has citizenship.
21 October, 2022 - 22:04
Since the beginning of October APC have been convening on Thursdays on social media (mostly Twitter, also Facebook and Instagram) around ICTs and sustainability / the environment. Every #EcoThursday we've had interesting conversations - so far we've touched on the impact of e-waste and ways to address it, extractivism and alternatives to it, and the right to repair and reuse.
25 June, 2021 - 19:35
Pedal Me
On Wednesday 23rd June 2021 GreenNet moved office from The Green House in Cambridge Heath to Oxford House in Bethnal Green. The new office is only a short walk, bus trip or bike ride away from the old one. The new address is:     GreenNet     Oxford House,     Derbyshire Street,     London E2 6HG Our support telephone number remains 0330 355 4011. Our other telephone numbers will also remain unchanged.
29 October, 2020 - 00:12
We'll show you around a few free, open source online tools that anyone can use to swap out many of the programmes and apps that you use every day. Join us to explore the options that are available for email, video conferencing, cloud storage, and more.
6 December, 2019 - 19:58
ddos pcap
On Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd November 2019 GreenNet's website and most of our online services, including most of our customers' websites, went offline for several hours on two occasions. Our technicians became aware of the outage on Friday lunchtime and worked remotely and at our data centre until the small hours of Saturday morning to identify the fault and restore access to websites and emails.
8 October, 2019 - 11:15
GreenNet has joined with over 100 groups around with world, including many APC members, in urging Facebook to support end-to-end encryption on its messaging services, including WhatsApp and Instagram. More details about the campaign can be found at the Center for Democracy & Technology.