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Latest news

22 June 2016
Oaxaca, police shot and killed eight people in Nochixtlán, including a professor of indigenous studies and a teacher’s son, and wounded 45 others by gunfire. Twenty-two people have “disappeared”...
5 May 2016
Not only is the site selected for a national nuclear waste dump in South Australia’s Flinders mountain range Aboriginal spiritual land, it’s also subject to seismic activity and flooding. Sign the...
17 April 2016
Scientists predict at least a 50% probability of a Chernobyl-type event happening in the next 30-60 years, with a 50% probability of a Fukushima-type event in the next 65-150 years. Although highly...

Latest blogs

30 March 2017
GreenNet aims to deliver our services impartially, but we strongly disapprove of using .io domain. Why? Because of the Chagossians, if you didnt know the story then you should. UK threw them off...
24 November 2016
The GreenNet collective celebrated our 30th Anniversary on 4th November 2016 with a jolly get-together that gathered the entire collective from around Europe along with former members, friends and...
6 August 2016
"Privacy International, together with five internet and communications providers from around the world, have lodged an application before the European Court of Human Rights to challenge the British...


Opportunities with GreenNet members

Christian CND
Location: London
Work type: Paid
Deadline for applications: 30 April, 2017

Opportunities with GreenNet and APC

Location: London or remote working
Work type: Paid