Anne McLaughlin MSP has formally complained to the UKBA over their “threatening behaviour” against campaigners opposing the deportation of Florence Mhango and her 10 year old daughter Precious to Malawi. They have become a much loved part of the community in Glasgow since Florence left her violent husband 7 years ago.

Since Florence Mhango and her daughter Precious missed a weekly meeting at the UKBA’s Brand Street office in Glasgow due to ill health, immigration officers have been visiting known supporters of the campaign against their deportation, which could cover anyone who has left a supportive message on facebook or sent a letter to Home Secretary Theresa May.

Scottish MP Anne McLaughlin has now made a formal complaint to the UKBA and is planning to consult police in order to establish whether any offence has taken place. In her blog she insists that the UKBA should have no contact with anyone other than herself, Ms Mhango or her lawyer.

It is vital that the family should not be forced to leave the UK before the Court of Appeal hears their case. If they are deported, Precious, who speaks only English, faces being handed over to her father’s family and not allowed to see her mother again. Being sent to complete strangers would be terrifying enough, but not to be able to communicate with them makes it so much worse. At the moment, she is safe and well in Glasgow and the evidence suggests that her welfare would be severely compromised if she were to return to Malawi.