Take action to end commercial whaling. Support modernisation of the International Whaling Commission at the 63rd Annual IWC Meeting in Jersey.

Tell the UK Government to take action now to end whaling.

Government representatives from the 89 member nations of the IWC will gather in Jersey to discuss and debate the future for our planet's great whales and the Commission established to conserve them.

IFAW is pointing the way to a world without whaling, encouraging government officials to join the emerging global consensus for whale conservation.

With your support we are putting pressure on the outmoded whaling industry and promoting sustainable solutions like responsible whale and dolphin watching which now generates economic benefits for coastal communities worldwide, including in Japan, Iceland and Norway.

With this year's IWC meeting fast approaching, we MUST take action immediately to protect whales. It will take YOUR voice to help make real change possible.

The world's whales depend on it. They, and we, need your help to put the IWC on course for a whale conservation future.

Speak out for these majestic giants today.

Fred O'Regan