© SVEN DILLEN/AFP/Getty Images© SVEN DILLEN/AFP/Getty ImagesProfessor Peter Willetts’ radical new book gives insights on NGOs in international law, policy-making, and as the true originators of the internet.

Non-Governmental Organizations in World Politics: The construction of global governance

by Peter Willetts, Emeritus Professor of Global Politics at City University, London.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from Amnesty International and Oxfam to Greenpeace and Save the Children are now key players in global politics. This accessible and informative textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the significant role and increasing participation of NGOs in world politics.

Peter Willetts examines the variety of different NGOs, their structure, membership and activities, and their complex relationship with social movements and civil society. He makes us aware that there are many more NGOs exercising influence in the United Nations system than the few famous ones.

Conventional thinking is challenged in a radical manner on four questions:

This is the definitive guide to this crucial area within international politics and should be required reading for students, NGO activists, and policy-makers.

Cover image: Amnesty International supporters hold a vigil on 4 June 2008 in Sint Truiden, Belgium, to commemorate the 1989 demonstrations by Chinese students in Tiananmen Square. © SVEN DILLEN/AFP/Getty Images

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