The Soil Association has objected to a planning application for an indoor pig factory for 2,500 sows and 20,000 piglets. But Midland Pig Producers have used libel lawyers to stifle their objections.

If you want to stop the introduction of huge pig factories to the UK, we need your help now.

Help us campaign against a dramatic escalation of industrial pig farming in the UK. If we don’t act now, thousands of pigs in the future could be kept in massive factories – changing British farming forever.

This year, we have already fought alongside other charities against the introduction of a mega dairy in Lincolnshire – originally proposed as a ‘home’ for over 8,000 cows which would have little or no chance to graze outdoors. Due to pressure, that proposal has already been scaled back, but it is still completely unacceptable.

Now we have objected to a planning application from Midland Pig Producers for an indoor pig factory for 2,500 mother pigs (sows) and around 20,000 piglets. We have compiled scientific evidence from around the world which suggests that raising pigs on this scale could risk having a serious impact on human health – as well as on the welfare of pigs. Midland Pig Producers say that no risk to human health exists, yet they don’t appear to want to have these serious issues publicly debated.

Ordered to back down Right now the powerful libel lawyers Carter Ruck are attempting to silence us for simply raising our concerns about this pig factory in Derbyshire.

You can read their shocking letter asking us to withdraw our objections as well as our response which details all the scientific arguments they would rather the public didn't hear.

Help support our 'Not in my banger' campaign We need your help now to continue this campaign. None of the costs for this work had been included in our budget for this year. Our legal costs and the costs of compiling the scientific evidence have already run into thousands of pounds. And the costs are increasing every day. We have diverted staff and resources to support this work because we believe the way that farm animals are reared is critical to how we feed ourselves in the future.

So please help us and give what you can. We will not be frightened into silence.