War on WantWar on WantJoin the War on Want and CAAT campaign for an immediate two-way arms embargo to stop the UK arming Israel. Support Oxfam in calling on the UK Government to use its influence to lift the blockade on Gaza.


Israel uses F-16 fighter aircraft and Apache combat helicopters to bomb Palestinian towns and villages. These contain UK manufactured components including missile triggering systems for Apaches and Head-Up Displays for F-16s.

Four years ago, following pressure from the Stop Arming Israel campaign, the UK government revoked five arms licenses to Israel for weaponry used in the 2008 Cast Lead attacks on Gaza.

Israel's military sector is made up of over 200 public and private companies, dominated by Israel Aircraft Industries, Israel Military Industries and Rafael, all state owned. Private company Elbit Systems is also significant. The UK spends millions of pounds each year on 'battle-tested' arms and drones from Israeli companies.

The principal barrier to peace with justice is Israel's continuing violation of human rights and international law and its policies of collective punishment. Help build the movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions on Israel, to force it to abide by international law. Put pressure on the UK government today to stop the violence for good.

Watch the three-minute video of Owen Jones's inspiring performance on BBC Newsnight, when he described the reality of Israel's assault on Gaza, to the embarassment of the politicians on the panel: see video here: http://bit.ly/TguZCF