‘Values for The Future’ seminar

One in an occasional series of seminars focussing on thinking and action around deep ecology and ecocentrism organised by Planet Centred Forum.

9.30 Reception
10.30 Malcolm Currie: Collaborative Functional Regions
11.45 Dr. Christine Parkinson: The Broken Cycles of Nature
13.35 Book viewing and signing session (including official launch of Three Generations Left? – human activity and the destruction of the planet)
13.50 Colin Hines: Progressive Protectionism – seeing off Brexit and right wing solutions
14.50 Discussion

Noam Chomsky’s The Responsibility of Intellectuals, 50 years on

'we are attempting to arrange a live video of the conference that will be available in a spill-over room. Those without tickets are welcome to turn up, but at the risk of not being able to get in. We are also seeing if we can broadcast the whole event live on the internet.' Check Eventbrite page in the week before the event for more details

Contributors include:

Noam Chomsky (live video link from Arizona, USA)

Neil Smith (co-author of Noam Chomsky, Ideas and Ideals) - Conference Chair

Climate Refugees, the Climate Crisis and population displacement: Building a Trade Union & Civil Society Response

Climate change is already devastating peoples lives and livelihoods. In the last six years over 140 million people were forced to move because of climate and weather related disasters. Yet people displaced from their homes have no legal status in international law, and are vilified as 'economic migrants'. The overwhelming majority settle in other poor countries, whilst in the West, racism and xenophobia are leading to demands for more walls and fences.