No climate change U-turns, No Fracking, End fossil fuel investment now.

Soon it’s Christmas and Santa’s arctic retreat is melting due to climate change.

Polar temperatures are rising faster than elsewhere and are 30C - 35C above average.

A year ago Britain signed the Paris climate deal, the first international step to tackling the climate emergency. But the Tories have chucked out policies that could slow climate change and the government is now adopting a dangerous energy policy and dolling out licences to energy companies to frack for gas in
Yorkshire, Lancashire and nearby Surrey. This will create more greenhouse gases; contaminate ground-water and poison people and the environment.

We're assembling in the Hackney Town Hall square; on one side is Barclay’s Bank; notorious for backing apartheid in the 80’s; it still hasn’t cleaned up its act; it rewards is shareholders with profits from armaments, finances coal, oil and gas and owns the energy company Third Energy which wants to frack in North Yorkshire.

And here Hackney Council is dragging its feet over pulling out pension funds worth £42m from fossil fuel companies such as ExxonMobil and Shell. It should divest like neighbouring Waltham Forest now.

We're calling on:

1. Theresa May’s government to reverse all austerity cuts including those to green energy projects and to ban fracking in the UK.

2. Barclays Bank to stop funding armaments and fossil fuel industries and invest in housing and clean, renewable energy.

3. Hackney Council to pull its pension funds out of climate-destructive fossil fuel companies.


Saturday, 10 December, 2016 - 14:00 to 16:30
Hackney Town Hall Square
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